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Virtual Biorepository – Strain Catalogue
The ARLG is excited to announce the official launch of the Virtual Biorepository (ARLG-VB) – Strain Catalogue website []. This web-based system provides the scientific community with a convenient resource of published, well-characterized Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial strains maintained by contributing laboratories. The catalogue lists over 300 individual strains.

MicroscopeSeed Grants
Early in your research career?   Each year, up to $50,000 in direct costs will be provided to up to 5 Early Stage Investigators (ESI) to support clinical research related to antibacterial resistance.   This support allows trainees to generate preliminary data to secure additional external funding.  Faculty who have been on staff less than 5 years are also eligible. Click here for information on how to submit your seed grant proposal.

FellowsARLG Fellowship
The ARLG Fellowship supports a Master’s Degree related to clinical research, in addition to hands-on experience designing and operationalizing ARLG clinical studies.  The goal of this unique opportunity is to create the next generation of leaders in the field. A two year position, with salary support and tuition will be provided. Apply today!

Picture3Research Proposals & Collaborations
Do you have a protocol idea or collaboration request?   If so, we want to hear from you!  Our mission is to prioritize, design, and execute clinical research to reduce the public health threat of antibacterial resistance.  The ARLG provides an opportunity to submit study proposals for consideration.

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